State of the art surveillance


Enjoy peace of mind from anywhere in the
world knowing your business premises is secure

CCTV Cameras

We provide a wide range of CCTV camera options to suit all your surveillance needs and budget. From legacy analog cameras to state of the art IP based cameras


We provide full infrastructure installations and support from coax, ethernet, fibre cable, to cabinets and camera mounting point installations.​


Whether you require a budget friendly analog solution, a high quality IP solutions or a combination of the two, we have a video recording and monitoring solution for you.​

Professional CCTV Installations

CCTV acts as a visible deterrent against theft. Allowing you to keep an eye over your business constantly by installing CCTV cameras that can give you high resolution detail and accurate imaging any time of the day.

In order to ensure the highest quality and reliable CCTV solution, we follow a strict process of first identifying your surveillance needs, then conducting a full site survey and designing the solution followed by meticulous installation of the hardware.

On-site and remote monitoring

Monitor you CCTV surveillance from anywhere in the world with remote monitoring. Increase your security efficiency and response times with on-site monitoring solutions

Need more information about CCTV?

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