Reliable backup power solutions

Backup Power

We provide complete backup power solutions from solar panels, to battery cells and and inverters. We’ll keep your essential hardware powered up no matter the grid status.

Wide Power Range

Kodak inverters ranging from 3kW to 4.6kW output ensures that there is a power solution to suit a wide variety of applications and needs.​

On-grid or Off-grid​

Grid unreliability need not be a concern. Our KODAK Inverters coupled with solar modules and battery cells provide home owners and businesses with a constant and reliable supply of power no matter the grid status.​

Solar Inverters

KODAK inverters combine efficiency with power to offer uncompromised solar solutions. Whether grid-tied, off grid or combined hybrid, we offer the best solution for sustainable energy to homeowners and businesses.

Cost Saving​

Modular design ensures scalability and allows you to have complete choice in your power capacity needs. Pylontech battery cells and management systems are designed for ease of installation and cost savings with simple buckle fixing.​

Increased Storage​

Pylontech battery cells offer industry energy and power density in an easy to install form factor. Longevity is guaranteed with cycle-life warranties for your peace of mind.​

Battery Cell and Management System

Pylontech has vertically integrated all technologies required for energy storage systems. Cathode material, lithium storage cell, and battery management systems are all integrated into a single form factor. This vertical integration offers ease of installation and cost savings.​

High Efficiency​

Maximum light absorption area and low power loss in cell interconnection for highly efficient power generation. ​

High Reliability​

Lower hotspot temperatures and better shading tolerance for increased reliability and module longevity.​

Solar Panels

Canadian Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules. With record breaking poly cell efficiency, Canadian Solar panels are a industry leading with over 38 GW of power modules delivered worldwide. 

Power Monitoring

Realtime monitoring for increased efficiency and peace of mind.

Our monitoring software ensures that every aspect of your power solution is monitored, from power draw to hardware temperature. With real time alerts, you will be notified of any possible issues before they become a problem. 

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