Are you protected from cyber-attacks?

Enterprise Network Security

Crystal Communications can help protect your network from ever-evolving cyber threats, ensuring that your business can continue to operate.

Network Security​

Monitor network traffic, block trojans, stop hackers, and prevent unauthorized network access all while allowing you to access your data from anywhere

Endpoint Protection​

Protect your PC's and servers from hackers and viruses. Protection from phishing attacks, adware, and spam. Keep your computers and users safe online

User Awareness​

A culture of security awareness is key to the cybersecurity strategy of a business. We provide in-depth training to employees to ensure your business is not exploited from within​

Let us take care of your cybersecurity needs

Enjoy peace of mind with our managed cybersecurity solutions. We’ll keep your servers, computers, networks and employees safe from malicious cyber attacks and data breaches

Benefits of a Next-generation firewall (NGFW) and Endpoint Protection

Can your business afford a data breach?

The financial implications are far reaching as it is affected by all other consequences of a data breach. From compensating customers, obtaining resources to investigate the breach, and investing in new security hardware and expertise. Ensure you cybersecurity policies are proactive rather than reactive.

A data breach has devastating effects on the reputation of a business. It has been shown that up to a third of your customers could stop doing business with you due to a data breach.

Operations may be slowed or completely shut down while a breach is contained and investigated. Downtime as a result of a data breach could range from a few hours to days. 

A data breach can result in non-compliance with POPIA regulations and result in fines. According to regulation, legal action can be taken against your business should a customer experience loss or damages as a result of a data breach should you not comply with regulatory requirements. 

Sensitive data such as intellectual property or any information that gives your business competitive advantage may be distributed. Other sensitive data such as employee information and biometrics may be leaked.

Let's keep your data safe​

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